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Testcontainers: Using Code to Control Docker for Testing

Control your testing in containers with your code! Bret's guest, Sergei Egorov, walks us through and AtomicJar for using API's to control Docker fro...

Honeycomb for Observability and Telemetry

Liz Fong-Jones from joins Bret in this episode to discuss and demo their platform and Kubernetes Observability. Streamed live on YouTube on December 2, 2021.

Everything Arm and Containers with Alex Ellis

Bret talks with Alex Ellis, Founder of OpenFaaS, about all things "containers on arm." They cover Apple's M1 arm processor, Raspberry Pi arm images, Docker Desktop and...

DevOps Automation with Crossplane

Friend and fellow Docker Captain, Viktor Farcic, joins Bret to talk about all things DevOps Automation and Crossplane. Streamed live on YouTube Oct 7, 2021, Ep 142.

Gateway API

The topic is the new Gateway API and Kubernetes Ingress. Bret met with Mark Church, Product Manager of GKE Networking at Google. They talked in detail and took questio...

GitOps and Automating Container Deployments

Automating container deployments with GitOps is the topic of this podcast with Bret's guest, Nirmal Mehta. At the time of the show (March 2021), Nirmal was a Distingui...

Best of DevOps from 2021

Docker Captain and Engineering Consultant Laura Tacho joins Bret and they go through all their favorite topics and tech things of 2021.

Container Registry and Image Management with Regclient

Bret talks with Stack Overflow legend and Docker Captain, Brandon Mitchell. They talk about (and demo) “regclient” his new project for managing registries remotely via...

Kubernetes Troubleshooting with Komodor

Bret is joined by Komodor CTO and co-founder Itiel Shwartz to talk about Kubernetes troubleshooting and using their new app to highlight changes and alerts in your clu...

Docker Compose v2 Rocks

Docker announced Compose v2 at DockerCon 2021. Bret goes through all the new stuff you didn't know about. If you're a fan of composing (his fav docker tool), this podc...

Kubernetes Schema Validation with Datree

The topic is automating your K8s YAML validation. Bret’s guest is Eyar Zilberman, co-founder of Datree and they go through various tools and their pros and cons and he...

Arm, Apple M1, and Docker in 2021

Apple's move to Arm processors will change software development for everyone... or will it? Apple has moved towards an Arm processor.

Lint Everything with Super-Linter

Bret talks about linting with Super-Linter and also GitHub Action's new Reusable Workflows beta!

MicroK8s Kubernetes High Availability

Alex Chalkias of the Canonical MicroK8s project joins Bret and they dive into this easy and powerful Kubernetes distribution that had some major updates in 2020, inclu...

Teleport for Remote Kubernetes

My guest is Ben Arent, Developer Relations Engineer at Teleport. Teleport allows engineers and security professionals to unify access for SSH servers, Kubernetes clust...

Containerd with Phil Estes

Phil Estes from AWS joins Bret to talk about containerd/state of the project, Docker Desktop alternatives and how developers are using containerd, OpenSSF, and supply ...

Cyber Security and Pentesting with Zaid Sabih of zSecurity

Zaid Sabih, the founder of zSecurity, talks with Bret about cyber security, pentesting, ethical hacking, and career choices.

Rancher Labs and Kubernetes with Darren Shepherd

Darren Shepherd, co-founder of Rancher Labs, joins Bret to talk about Rancher's latest projects and all things Kubernetes.

GitOps and Argo CD with Viktor Farcic

Docker Captain Viktor Farcic of talks about GitOps automation and workflows using the Argo project tools.

Windows 11 WSL2 Past & Future with Nuno do Carmo

I'm joined by fellow Docker Captain Nuno do Carmo to talk about WSL2 for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Docker's New Licensing Changes

Docker Desktop changes to Paid plans for medium to large businesses! I dig into the facts and help you understand what's changed for you (if anything).

Kubernetes Octant for Dev Insights with Wayne Witzel

I'm joined by Wayne Witzel, a Software Engineer at VMware leading the Octant project for Kubernetes, a web GUI to help developers gain insight into their apps on K8s.

How to Backup Kubernetes using Velero Open Source with guest Nolan Brubaker

I'm joined by Nolan Brubaker of VMWare to talk about Velero, an open-source backup and migration tool for Kubernetes.

DevOps, SRE, and Traefik talk with Docker Captain Brian Christner

My guest is Brian Christner, fellow Docker Captain, and we talked about all things DevOps, some SRE, and Traefik.

GitHub CoPilot for DevOps? with Nirmal Mehta

I was given early access to GitHub Copilot and used it intensely for a week in my DevOps tasks before this show.

Contour + Envoy for Kubernetes Ingress and K8s Operators

I'm joined by Steve Sloka of VMWare. We're talking about a set of Kubernetes Operators that Steve maintains including Contour (Envoy ingress) and Gimbal (multi-cluster...

Logging and Monitoring with Justin Quinn of

I talk with Justin Quinn of about their hosted ELK solution, and we go through features, how customers use it, and what they've added beyond the standard Elast...

Docker's Future: AWS and Azure Beta's

This is a special episode just for the podcast, where I detail the direction shift of docker's new features and how they are using the docker CLI to deploy to cloud's ...

containerd: The Most Popular Container Runtime, with Phil Estes

I'm joined by Phil Estes of IBM, Distinguished Engineer & CTO for Container and Linux Architecture Strategy at IBM Cloud.

Learning Kubernetes Ingress with Nirmal Mehta

I chat with Docker Captain Nirmal Mehta of Booz Allen Hamilton about Kubernetes Ingress controllers and resources.

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