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Containerd with Phil Estes

Phil Estes from AWS joins Bret to talk about containerd/state of the project, Docker Desktop alternatives and how developers are using containerd, OpenSSF, and supply chain security and how containers will play a role. There's a lot of stuff covered here! Streamed on YouTube Sept 23, 2021.

Cyber Security and Pentesting with Zaid Sabih of zSecurity

Zaid Sabih, founder of zSecurity, talks with Bret about cyber security, pentesting, ethical hacking, and career choices. There's even some fun conversation about the hacking from The Matrix and Mr. Robot. Streamed on YouTube October 29, 2020.

Rancher Labs and Kubernetes with Darren Shepherd

Darren Shepherd, co-founder of Rancher Labs, joins Bret to talk about Rancher's latest projects and all things Kubernetes. They covered so many topics like k3s, RKE2, Rio, Swarm, Fleet, OPA, Kyverno, etcd, k3OS, Compose, Longhorn, KubeVirt, and more. Streamed on YouTube October 22, 2020.

GitOps and Argo CD with Viktor Farcic

Docker Captain Viktor Farcic of https://codefresh.io talks about GitOps automation and workflows using the Argo project tools. Streamed live on YouTube October 1, 2020.

Windows 11 WSL2 Past & Future with Nuno do Carmo

I'm joined by fellow Docker Captain Nuno do Carmo to talk about WSL2 for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Nuno's a Docker Captain, CNCF Ambassador, and Microsoft MVP. Streamed on YouTube August 12, 2021.

Docker's New Licensing Changes

Docker Desktop changes to Paid plans for medium to large businesses! I dig into the facts and help you understand what's changed for you (if anything). Streamed on YouTube Sept 2, 2021.

Kubernetes Octant for Dev Insights with Wayne Witzel

I'm joined by Wayne Witzel, a Software Engineer at VMware leading the Octant project for Kubernetes, a web GUI to help developers gain insight about their apps on K8s. Streamed on YouTube Apr 9, 2020.

How to Backup Kubernetes using Velero Open Source with guest Nolan Brubaker

I'm joined by Nolan Brubaker of VMWare to talk about Velero, an open source backup and migration tool for Kubernetes. Streamed on YouTube April 30, 2020.

DevOps, SRE, and Traefik talk with Docker Captain Brian Christner

My guest is Brian Christner, fellow Docker Captain, and we talked about all things DevOps, some SRE, and Traefik. Streamed on YouTube on April 15, 2021.

GitHub CoPilot for DevOps? with Nirmal Mehta

I was given early access to GitHub Copilot and used it intensely for a week in my DevOps tasks before this show. Docker Captain, Nirmal Mehta, joins me to see what it can do! Streamed on YouTube July 15, 2021.

Contour + Envoy for Kubernetes Ingress and K8s Operators

I'm joined by Steve Sloka of VMWare. We're talking about a set of Kubernetes Operators that Steve maintains including Contour (Envoy ingress) and Gimbal (multi-cluster ingress). Streamed on YouTube March 12, 2020.

Logging and Monitoring with Justin Quinn of Logz.io

I talk with Justin Quinn of Logz.io about their hosted ELK solution, and we go through features, how customers use it, and what they've added beyond the standard Elastic Stack logging solution. Streamed on YouTube Feb 27, 2020.

Docker's Future: AWS and Azure Beta's

This is a special episode just for the podcast, where I detail the direction shift of docker's new features and how they are using the docker CLI to deploy to cloud's directly without needing to manage the Docker Engine.

containerd: The Most Popular Container Runtime, with Phil Estes

I'm joined by Phil Estes of IBM, Distinguished Engineer & CTO for Container and Linux Architecture Strategy at IBM Cloud. He's a maintainer on the containerd CNCF project, and we're talking about containerd, which fuels Docker Engine and many Kubernetes container runtimes.

Learning Kubernetes Ingress with Nirmal Mehta

I chat with Docker Captain Nirmal Mehta of Booz Allen Hamilton about Kubernetes Ingress controllers and resources. There seems to be a lot of confusion around them, the different choices, and what to do for incoming HTTP connections in Kubernetes.

Container and Kubernetes Security with Liz Rice of Aqua Security

I'm joined in a live Q&A with Liz Rice of Aqua Security talking about the state of container security and tools to help you understand and protect your workloads.

Serverless, FaaS, and Kubernetes Tools with Alex Ellis of OpenFaaS

I have a live Q&A with Alex Ellis as we break down FaaS, Serverless, and how these technologies work with Docker and Kubernetes including his open source tools like OpenFaaS, Inlets, faasd, k3sup, and more.

Remote DevOps Tools for Teams with Kevin Griffin

My friend Kevin Griffin and I talk about the tools we use often for working in development and operations teams remotely.

Container Profiling and Testing with Gianluca Arbezzano

I sit down with Gianluca Arbezzano, a Docker Captain and Site Reliability Engineer at InfluxData. We talk about open source projects for monitoring and observability in containers and Kubernetes.

Docker Swarm 2020 with Docker Captain Brandon Mitchell

Brandon and I go through the last year of Swarm (SwarmKit) and what's happened so far in 2020, and talking about their future commitment to the built-in Docker orchestrator.

Docker Birthday, Roadmap, and Certification Updates

In this short episode, I cover some Docker upcoming events and announcements.

Serverless Docker and Kubernetes in 2020

I answer some audience questions about serverless, and the future of containers... when a lot of the news out there is talking about functions as a service is "the future of everything". As usual, the answer is "it depends", but if you're a team that's already doing microservices and containers, and you're looking to deploy smaller features faster and cheaper, then serverless might help. For most of us though, writing and shipping functions only, rather than traditional applications, is years away, because we have bigger problems to solve first, like speeding up our deployment processes or improving our monitoring and recovery.

Traefik Proxy 2.0: Containous Live from KubeCon

In this episode, I sit down with Gerald Croes of Containous from KubeCon. We talk about the release of Traefik 2.0, and other projects like their new Service Mesh offering on top of Traefik called Maesh.

Chat With WeaveWorks about GitOps

Happy New Year container fans! In this episode, I talk with Brice Fernandes of WeaveWorks to discuss their latest Kubernetes and Docker projects. We also talk about GitOps, which is my favorite way to setup application deployments and infrastructure changes.

The People Side of DevOps With Laura Tacho

In this episode, I traveled to Vienna, Austria and hung out with my friend Laura Tacho, and we talked about the human side of DevOps. We challenged ourselves to not mention any specific tools, but...that didnt last very long.

Kubernetes Future with Kelsey Hightower and Jérôme Petazzoni

In this episode, I chat with a powerhouse combo of Kelsey Hightower and Jérôme Petazzoni, who's combined influence in the container space can not be overstated. I was a bit nervous for this one, having such big stars on the show n' all, but I think it went great as we dove into various Kubernetes and container topics. This is surely "one for the books"!

Everything Docker and Windows

In this episode, I talk with Elton Stoneman, an Architect at Docker. We talk about Everything Docker and Windows, covering topics like WSL, Windows containers, Docker on Windows Server, and more. And as a reminder, this podcast is listener supported by those of you that buy my Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes courses. If you're already one of my 120,000 students, I thank you so much for your support. Just last week we launched Kubernetes Mastery, which lets you dive into hands-on with the leading container orchestrator. I built this new course with my friend Jérôme Petazzoni, who's been teaching Kubernetes and Docker longer than almost anyone. You can get coupons for those courses at bretfisher.com. We're launching more videos monthly, which you can get notified of on my newsletter, which is also at bretfisher.com

Kubernetes GitOps with Jenkins X

In this 50th episode, I sit down with two people from Cloudbees, Viktor Farcic, and Oscar Medina. We talk about CI/CD in Kubernetes and the GitOps-style of continuous deployment using Jenkins X. And as a reminder, this podcast is listener supported by those of you that buy my docker, swarm, and kubernetes courses. If you're already one of my 120,000 students, I thank you so much for your support. You can get coupons for those courses at bretfisher.com. We're launching more video updates and a whole new Kubernetes Mastery course soon, which you can get notified of on my newsletter, which is also at bretfisher.com Lastly, if you like this podcast, please take a moment to give it a 5-star rating in your favorite podcast player, so we can keep making more of 'em. Now on with the show.

Docker Inc Splits: Live Panel on the Future of Docker

In this special episode, just a day after Docker announces they've split the company and sold their Enterprise products, I sit down with fellow Docker Captians Jeff Nickoloff, Michael Irwin, and Nirmal Mehta to discuss it, as well as the future of Docker's open source. And as a reminder, this podcast is listener supported by those of you that buy my courses. If you're already one of my 120,000 students, I thank you so much for your support. We're launching a whole new Kubernetes Mastery course soon, an you can get course coupons, join my 20,000 user Slack Community and signup for my newsletter at bretfisher.com

Docker and Kubernetes Questions on Tools, Best Practices, and More

In this episode, I talk about proxying with NGINX vs. Traefik, and the proper protocol for image tagging in a CI environment. I give a quick "elevator pitch" on Kubernetes, and I talk about service meshes like Istio. I also cover adding a conditional healthcheck to delay a service startup until another service is healthy.

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