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Kubernetes GitOps with Jenkins X

In this 50th episode, I sit down with two people from Cloudbees, Viktor Farcic, and Oscar Medina. We talk about CI/CD in Kubernetes and the GitOps-style of continuous deployment using Jenkins X. And as a reminder, this podcast is listener supported by those of you that buy my docker, swarm, and kubernetes courses. If you're already one of my 120,000 students, I thank you so much for your support. You can get coupons for those courses at We're launching more video updates and a whole new Kubernetes Mastery course soon, which you can get notified of on my newsletter, which is also at Lastly, if you like this podcast, please take a moment to give it a 5-star rating in your favorite podcast player, so we can keep making more of 'em. Now on with the show.

Docker Inc Splits: Live Panel on the Future of Docker

In this special episode, just a day after Docker announces they've split the company and sold their Enterprise products, I sit down with fellow Docker Captians Jeff Nickoloff, Michael Irwin, and Nirmal Mehta to discuss it, as well as the future of Docker's open source. And as a reminder, this podcast is listener supported by those of you that buy my courses. If you're already one of my 120,000 students, I thank you so much for your support. We're launching a whole new Kubernetes Mastery course soon, an you can get course coupons, join my 20,000 user Slack Community and signup for my newsletter at

Docker and Kubernetes Questions on Tools, Best Practices, and More

In this episode, I talk about proxying with NGINX vs. Traefik, and the proper protocol for image tagging in a CI environment. I give a quick "elevator pitch" on Kubernetes, and I talk about service meshes like Istio. I also cover adding a conditional healthcheck to delay a service startup until another service is healthy.

Swarm Networking and Logging Solutions

In this episode, I answer a few questions about Swarm networking, Traefik as your proxy using Consul to store its configuration, and then I go into deeper detail about logging in Docker.

Rancher, Kubernetes, and Beyond with Darren Shepherd

In this episode, I have a great chat with Darren Shepherd, who is the Co-founder and Chief Architect at Rancher Labs. You probably know them for making, well, Rancher. We also talk about k3s, k3OS, RancherOS, RIO and k3v. It was a lot of fun and we covered a lot of ground on how they've launched so many Kubernetes projects in the last few years.

Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes, from Berlin

In this episode from my YouTube Live show, I talk more about Swarm and Kubernetes for Container Orchestration, and how I believe you should learn both. I answer questions from my Live YouTube audience and share some pros and cons of using each of the orchestrators. I recently updated my Docker Mastery course to include Kubernetes, so now you can get the best training on Docker, Compose, Swarm, and Kubernetes in a single course. Docker Mastery now includes over 15 hours of video. You can get discount coupons for all my courses at

K8s Setup, GitOps, and more!

In this episode, I answer some student questions around Kubernetes setup, DNS round robin, some new docker plugins, and what GitOps is.

Kubernetes Architecture

In this episode, I give a brief rundown of Kubernetes architecture, and how the raft consensus algorithm plays a major role in server communication within your cluster.

Sysadmins Assemble! Doing Sysadmin Tasks in Docker

In this episode, we're celebrating the annual Sysadmin Day by covering system administration topics with containers. We'll go over healthchecks, exit codes, containers on windows, and more.

AWS ECS and Container Migrations with Chris Hickman

In this episode, I talk with Chris Hickman about using containers since the early days of docker, using AWS ECS as your orchestrator, and more...

DevOps Real Talk With Authors of Docker In Action

In this episode I talk with the authors of the book Docker In Action, 2nd Edition. We have a great chat on real-world craziness in running software and challenges with containers. It was a lot of fun, and I've put their book discount code in the show notes.

Development Tools in Containers with Docker Captain Antonis Kalipetis

In this episode, I talk with Docker Captain Antonis Kalipetis about various developent in docker topics.

Can You Learn Linux inside Docker?

In this episode, I discuss learning Linux with John Kennedy, who helps organize the Northern Virginia Linux Users Group, and how we might learn Linux by running things inside Docker containers.

What is Service Mesh and When You Might Need It, with Betty Junod of

In this episode I talk with Betty Junod of about Containers, Kubernetes, and Service Mesh.

Startup Order With Multi-Container Apps

In this episode, I answer a question about controlling container startup order in a multi-container app.

Learning DevOps With Ray The Intern

In this episode, I chat with Ray Vittum, our DevOps intern, about his experience while moving from a traditional sysadmin role to a DevOps one.

Can I Turn a VM into a Container?

In this episode I answer a question about if it's possible to migrate or containerize, a VM into a container.

How to Run Privileged Containers in Swarm

In this episode I answer a question about how to start a Swarm service container in privileged mode.

How to Use External Storage in Docker

In this episode I answer a question about how to use external volume storage with docker and swarm.

Troubleshooting Docker Swarm Networking and DNS

In this episode I answer a question about how to troubleshoot docker swarm networking and docker dns.

ENTRYPOINT vs. CMD, what's the difference in Dockerfiles

In this episode I discuss the differences between the dockerfiles commands of ENTRYPOINT and CMD, and how to use them together for automate container startup tasks.

Docker and Swarm RBAC Options

In this episode, I answer a question about how to control admin access to docker and swarm using roll based authentication.

Learning Kubernetes with Jérôme Petazzoni

In this episode, I talk with Kubernetes, Docker, and Swarm instructor Jérôme Petazzoni about how to learn and use Kubernetes, and we answer a bunch of YouTube Live questions along the way.

Live from DockerCon with the Docker Captains

In this episode I'm live from the show floor at DockerCon with Nirmal Mehta and Nils De Moor as we cover the announcments, our favorite sessions, and take your questions on everything from Kubernetes, K3s, Proxy's, Traefik, Docker Enterprise 3.0, Linkerd, storage replication, and more.

Pre DockerCon with Nirmal Mehta and Michael Irwin

In this episode, I have guests Nirmal Mehta, a Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Michael Irwin, an Application Architect at Virginia Tech University. We talk about running tech meetups, how to be a community leader, the Docker and ARM announcement (the processor in Raspberry Pi), Docker for Node.js, AWS ARM A1 instances, QEMU, Traefik Proxies, Docker Swarm, Network Time (NTP, SNTP), Let's Encrypt, and more.

Pre DockerCon with Phil Estes, Scott Coulton, and Sujay Pillai

In this episode, I am joined by Phil Estes of IBM, Scott Coulton of Microsoft, and Sujay Pillai. We're all working in the DevOps space and discuss topics and open source projects weeks before DockerCon. Topics include Kubernetes, CNCF, ContainerD, CNAB, Rootless Docker, Linux security in containers, and more.

Pre DockerCon with Laura Tacho and Marcos Lilljedahl

In this episode, I chat with Laura Tacho from CloudBees and Marcos Lilljedahl from iúnigo, both Docker Captains and developers. We take questions from the live audience and discuss topics ranging from the difference between Jenkins and Jenkins X, to Facebook's osquery and other new open source, to Docker's upcoming 19.03 release and its new features.

Multiple Docker Images From One Git Repo

I answer a question about how to build multiple Docker images from a single GitHub repository. I talk about how to change which Dockerfile Docker build will use, and how to control the path (or context) that Docker builds from.

TLS in Dev and Prod with Docker

I answer a question about using TLS/SSL certificates in local development with Docker for microservices and then how to use those certs in production Docker. I talk about Let's Encrypt, Traefik, and more.

Java and JBoss in Containers. One .war File Per Container?

Docker Captain Michael Irwin and I discuss Java .war files in containers, and how you should break them up. We answer a question on how to design them for easy isolation and replacement.

Backing Up a Database Container in Swarm

Docker Captain Michael Irwin and I discuss backups of databases in a container cluster like Docker Swarm.

Swarm Volume Storage Drivers

Docker Captain Michael Irwin and I go over various storage options for persistent volumes in Swarm, and how you need to think about storage for Docker.

Learning The New Docker App with Michael Irwin

In March of 2019 I talked with Michael about the new "docker-app" experimental tool. This clip talks about why it exists, and how to use it. In April 2019 Docker released a beta of 19.03 that includes "docker-app" as a plugin to the standard docker CLI, as "docker app", but most other features of this tool stay the same. We also talk about the standard behind this tool, CNAB.

Docker Bind-mount and Volume File Changes During Entrypoint

In this episode, I list the steps to copy or sync files between a docker volume and the host

Docker Swarm Install in AWS

In this episode I quickly list the steps to setup a Docker Swarm in AWS using docker-machine and shell scripts

Docker Environment Configs, Variables, and Entrypoints

I go through the multiple ways to get your environment variables into a container, and what shouldn't go into your ENV's.

Use Docker Compose or Swarm For A Single Server?

In this episode, I give a quick answer to the discussion on a single production server. Should you use docker-compose or Docker Swarm?

Auto Setup of Mongo Replicas in Docker

In this episode, I give a quick answer on how you might design MongoDB and other database servers for auto-clustering inside Docker.

Using Supervisor To Run Multiple Apps In A Container

In this episode, I answer a question on when you should run multiple apps in a container, and how you can use supervisor to do that.

Should You Move Postgres to Containers

In this episode, I answer the question: should you migrate your postgres servers into containers.

Docker "runC" Security Vulnerability: CVE-2018-5736

In this episode, I talk about the recent Docker runc vulnerability and what you need to do about it.

Updating A Proxy From A Different Container

In this episode I answer a question about how to control docker and other containers like a nginx proxy from inside a seperate container.

Windows 10 Containers Get Process Isolation

In Docker 18.09.1 and Docker Desktop (stable) in January 2019, we now have a new option for running Windows Containers on Windows 10 in "process isolation mode" which removes the need to launch a full Windows Server Hyper-V VM. It's a great new way for running lightweight Windows Containers, but has its own limits and config requirements.

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi Development in Docker

A viewer asks how they can prototype their software in Docker with a Raspberry Pi. I explain the various parts of the workflow including ARM 64 vs. x64 CPU architectures, the benefits of QEMU emulation in Docker Desktop, and how to get Docker images from your local machine to the Pi.

Elasticsearch Local Development Shows Yellow Health Status

A viewer asks why their Elasticsearch server on their local development setup with Docker Compose would give them a yellow health status. I talk about the common causes for this in my own experience with shard replication.

Docker Network IP Subnet Conflicts with Outside Networks

A viewer asks about how their local docker container IP's, if behind NAT, can have issues with outside subnets at their company. I explain some of the ways even NAT won't solve IP routing for containers and how you can change your settings to different private subnets.

Docker Swarm Service Fails Deployment When Image Prunes

Someone asks about image pruning while a Swarm service is in the middle of deployment, and how they've experienced failed containers. I reply with the details of what's going on in specific steps of a Service creation and deployment, and how the prune command could interfere.

Updating Swarm Configs and Secrets Without Downtime

I answer questions about updating your app secrets and configs in Docker Swarm without downtime

Apache In Containers And Multiple Virtual Host Websites

I answer questions about designing Apache web servers for multiple Websites in containers

Container Non-root Users, SUDO, GOSU, and File Permissions

I answer a question about using sudo in containers and file permissions when using non-root users.

Alpine Linux As A Base Image, Is It Really Secure?

Alpine Linux container images are often regarded as the "best for production, security, and image size", but I debate this based on several trends and current limitations.

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