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HashiCorp Vault for Kubernetes

Bret is joined by Rosemary Wang from HashiCorp to show off Vault for Kubernetes, an open source secrets provider.

Service Mesh in Docker Desktop with Meshery

Bret is joined by Lee Calcote and Nic Jackson, co-authors of the Service Mesh Patterns book, to discuss service mesh for Docker Desktop and Compose apps with the new M...

Cilium and eBPF with Liz Rice

Bret is joined by Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer at Isovalent, the makers of Cilium, to discuss Cilium and eBPF. Cilium is a multi-purpose networking, security, a...

Kubescape Kubernetes Security with ARMO

Bret is joined by Shauli Rozen, CEO and Co-Founder of ARMO, creators of Kubescape. Kubescape is a K8s open-source tool providing a multi-cloud K8s single pane of glass...

Slim and Secure Container Images with

Bret is joined by Martin Wimpress and Pieter van Noordennen from to discuss some ways to slim down your Docker images and reduce the attack surface of your con...

Carvel Tools for Kubernetes

Bret is joined by Dmitriy Kalinin and John Ryan from VMWare to show off the many Carvel project tools.

Securing Containers, First Steps in Docker and Kubernetes

Bret goes through his top recommendations for securing container images, Docker containers and Kubernetes pods.

Managing Enterprise Kubernetes with Replicated

Bret is joined by Marc Campbell of Replicated to discuss the challenges of deploying their software on other people's Kubernetes.

Docker Extensions: Using and Building Them

Bret is joined by Guillaume Tardif and Felipe Cruz of Docker Inc. for a deep dive into Docker extensions.

Kubernetes Autoscaling with Karpenter

Bret is joined by Nirmal Mehta, a Principal Specialist Solution Architect at AWS, and a Docker Captain, to discuss Karpenter, an autoscaling solution that simplifies K...

Beyond DevOps DORA Metrics

Bret is joined by Laura Tacho, an engineering leadership coach, to discuss measuring your team's performance with DevOps metrics (DORA) and the new SPACE framework.

Argo CD Past & Future, with the Creators

Bret is joined by the co-creators of the Argo project and co-founders of Akuity - Hong Wang and Jesse Suen, to discuss the state of Argo and their new Akuity offering ...

Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices

Bret is joined by Rosemary Wang, a developer advocate at HashiCorp, to discuss her book: Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices.

Applications-as-Code with Shipa

Bret is joined by Ravi Lachhman, Field CTO at Shipa, to discuss the basics of Shipa application and policy management.

Nomad Orchestration

Bret is joined by Erik Veld, Manager, Developer Advocacy at HashiCorp, the creators of Nomad.

GitOps with Pulumi

Bret is joined by David Flanagan, aka Rawkode Academy, from Pulumi to show off how Pulumi infrastructure-as-code can improve GitOps pipelines.

Docker Desktop for Linux is Here!

Bret is joined by Anca Iordache and Dave Scott, software engineers at Docker Inc, to talk about why they made Docker Desktop for Linux and how it's different from runn...

Kubernetes VCluster for "Clusters in Namespaces"

Bret is joined by Lukas Gentele and Rich Burroughs of Loft Labs to talk about vcluster, a Kubernetes distribution that can run inside an existing cluster namespace, ak...

Enterprise Kubernetes Barriers

Bret and his guests - Jamie Duncan and John Osborne, authors of "OpenShift in Action" - talk about Enterprise Kubernetes adoption, the barriers teams encounter and why...

Kubernetes Policy Management with Kyverno and Nirmata

Jim Bugwadia joins Bret to discuss Kubernetes policy management and "intelligent guardrails for K8s." Jim is the CEO and co-founder of Nirmata.

Container Management with Portainer

In this episode, Bret is joined by Portainer's co-founder and CEO, Neil Cresswell, to get an update on their product. If you haven't heard of Portainer, it's one of th...

Docker Desktop Alternatives

Bret explores and reviews tools that "might" replace Docker Desktop for those who decide not to pay for the subscription. He goes through the pros and cons of the alte...

Catch IaC Drift with Firefly

Bret is joined by Eran Bibi, a co-founder and CPO of Firefly to discuss Cloud and Kubernetes drift, and dealing with unmanaged resources and policy violations in Infra...

Containers as a Service with

In this episode, Jake Warner, founder of Cycle joins Bret to discuss and demo, a Kubernetes alternative to run your containers and reduce your DevOps complexity.

Testcontainers: Using Code to Control Docker for Testing

Control your testing in containers with your code! Bret's guest, Sergei Egorov, walks us through and AtomicJar for using API's to control Docker fro...

Honeycomb for Observability and Telemetry

Liz Fong-Jones from joins Bret in this episode to discuss and demo their platform and Kubernetes Observability. Streamed live on YouTube on December 2, 2021.

Everything Arm and Containers with Alex Ellis

Bret talks with Alex Ellis, Founder of OpenFaaS, about all things "containers on arm." They cover Apple's M1 arm processor, Raspberry Pi arm images, Docker Desktop and...

DevOps Automation with Crossplane

Friend and fellow Docker Captain, Viktor Farcic, joins Bret to talk about all things DevOps Automation and Crossplane. Streamed live on YouTube Oct 7, 2021, Ep 142.

Gateway API

The topic is the new Gateway API and Kubernetes Ingress. Bret met with Mark Church, Product Manager of GKE Networking at Google. They talked in detail and took questio...

GitOps and Automating Container Deployments

Automating container deployments with GitOps is the topic of this podcast with Bret's guest, Nirmal Mehta. At the time of the show (March 2021), Nirmal was a Distingui...

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