Kubernetes Observability with Site24x7

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Bret is joined by Jasper Paul and Vinoth Kanagaraj, observability experts and Site24x7 Product Managers, to discuss achieving end-to-end visibility for applications on Kubernetes infrastructure. We answer questions on all things monitoring, OpenTelemetry, and KPIs for DevOps and SREs.

We talk about the industry's evolution from monitoring to full observability platforms, as well as adjacent topics for helping you with your own Kubernetes and application monitoring, including going through some of the most useful metrics in Kubernetes and AI's role in metric analysis and alerting humans.

Be sure to check out the live recording of the complete show from April 25, 2024 on YouTube (Ep. 263). Includes demos.

Site24x7 Full stack observability
Site24x7 Kubernetes monitoring
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  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (02:01) - Observability vs Monitoring
  • (08:32) - The New App Health Layer
  • (14:39) - Attributes Collected
  • (17:47) - Unified Observability
  • (19:00) - AI-Powered Insights: The Role of AIOps
  • (21:51) - OpenTelemetry and Multi-Cluster Monitoring
  • (25:45) - Windows Support
  • (26:06) - Correlating Requests Between Microservices
  • (28:14) - Synthetic vs Real-Time Monitoring
  • (30:25) - Dashboards, Tracing and Metrics
  • (37:17) - Getting Started

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Creators and Guests

Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher
Cloud native DevOps Dude. Course creator, YouTuber, Podcaster. Docker Captain and CNCF Ambassador. People person who spends too much time in front of a computer.
Beth Fisher
Beth Fisher
Producer of DevOps and Docker Talk podcast since 2019. Assistant producer on Bret Fisher Live show on YouTube. Business and proposal writer by trade.
Cristi Cotovan
Cristi Cotovan
Video editor and educational content producer. Descript and Camtasia coach.
J.P. Jasper
J.P. Jasper
Working at Zohocorp. https://t.co/0aWAKlFGgK.
Kubernetes Observability with Site24x7
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