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Hey container DevOps fans 👋, this podcast contains interviews and audience Q&A from my weekly YouTube Live show and other chats with friends in the world of cloud native and container DevOps. It might be me talking on a topic, or a discussion with guests, or taking Q&A from the chat audience. Topics cover anything DevOps, cloud management, sysadmin, Docker and container tools like Kubernetes and Swarm, and the full software lifecycle supply chain. Topics are usually supplemental content to my online courses. Send me feedback @BretFisher 
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KubeCon Live with Friends 2023

Bret is joined by Nirmal and a host of friends from the floor of KubeCon, to talk about the latest news and goings-on.We wanted to get some of our friends and people w...

Moving Domain Registrars, Again

In this short episode, I tell the tale of my registrar DNS name hosting for the last 25 years and what I prefer for a cheap and reliable name registrar.★Topics★bret.lo...

Multipass Local Virtual Machines

Bret and Nirmal are joined by Chris Townsend, the engineering manager for Canonical's Multipass team, to discuss how to use Multipass as the easiest local virtual mach...

DockerCon 2023 New Features and Tools!

After returning from DockerCon earlier this month (Oct 2023), Bret recorded this podcast where he breaks down all the product announcements and details from the event....

NetBackup for Kubernetes

Bret is joined by Demetrius Malbrough and Joseph D'angelo from Veritas, the company that makes NetBackup amongst many other data protection tools.NetBackup has been ar...

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