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Hey container DevOps fans 👋, this podcast contains interviews and audience Q&A from my weekly YouTube Live show and other chats with friends in the world of cloud native and container DevOps. It might be me talking on a topic, or a discussion with guests, or taking Q&A from the chat audience. Topics cover anything DevOps, cloud management, sysadmin, Docker and container tools like Kubernetes and Swarm, and the full software lifecycle supply chain. Topics are usually supplemental content to my online courses. Send me feedback @BretFisher 
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Latest Episodes

Carvel Tools for Kubernetes

Bret is joined by Dmitriy Kalinin and John Ryan from VMWare to show off the many Carvel project tools.

Securing Containers, First Steps in Docker and Kubernetes

Bret goes through his top recommendations for securing container images, Docker containers and Kubernetes pods.

Managing Enterprise Kubernetes with Replicated

Bret is joined by Marc Campbell of Replicated to discuss the challenges of deploying their software on other people's Kubernetes.

Docker Extensions: Using and Building Them

Bret is joined by Guillaume Tardif and Felipe Cruz of Docker Inc. for a deep dive into Docker extensions.

Kubernetes Autoscaling with Karpenter

Bret is joined by Nirmal Mehta, a Principal Specialist Solution Architect at AWS, and a Docker Captain, to discuss Karpenter, an autoscaling solution that simplifies K...

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