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Hey container DevOps fans 👋, this podcast contains interviews and audience Q&A from my weekly YouTube Live show and other chats with friends in the world of cloud native and container DevOps. It might be me talking on a topic, or a discussion with guests, or taking Q&A from the chat audience. Topics cover anything DevOps, cloud management, sysadmin, Docker and container tools like Kubernetes and Swarm, and the full software lifecycle supply chain. Topics are usually supplemental content to my online courses. Send me feedback @BretFisher 
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Codefresh and Argo CD with Dan Garfield

Bret is joined by Dan Garfield of CodeFresh to talk about growth of GitOps as a standard, growth of Argo, and more.Dan is the Co-founder and Chief Open Source Officer ...

OpenSauced with Brian Douglas

In this episode, Bret and Nirmal talk with Brian Douglas of OpenSauced. Brian Douglas, of GitHub fame, has founded OpenSauced, a cool web app and community of open sou...

Istio Ambient Mesh and Solo.io

Bret and Nirmal welcome Idit Levine, Founder/CEO Solo.io. Idit focuses on Service Mesh, API-GW and Multi-Cloud networking, and security.Idit has been involved in the C...

Future of Kubernetes with Brendan Burns

Bret and Matt welcome special guest Brendan Burns, CVP Azure Cloud Native & Resource Management, and also a founding member of the Kubernetes project.Because Brendan i...

Kasten K10 Kubernetes Backups

Bret and Matt welcome Michael Cade, the field CTO at Kasten by Veeam. If you've been around servers for a while, you probably have heard of Veeam. It made its debut ba...

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