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Bret and Matt are joined by two engineers in Docker's leadership - Chief Technology Officer Justin Cormack and Senior Manager of Developer Relations Michael Irwin, to talk about recent Docker Hub changes, as well as their latest product releases.

We touch on Docker's latest updates and announcements, focusing on the early releases of Docker Scout, Docker plus WebAssembly, and the Telepresence extension for Docker Desktop. We also look at Docker's version 23 release, its first major update in three years, with key changes including BuildKit becoming the default builder, the ability to run alternate containerd shims, and a return to semantic versioning.

Other updates include new Swarm features and deprecation of older features, specifically older storage drivers.

In the show we also cover Docker's recent announcement and subsequent retraction of a plan to require free Docker Hub organizations to move to different plans.

Live recording of the complete show from March 23, 2023 is on YouTube (Ep. #208).

Docker v23 release
Docker Hub org changes
Docker Scout
Technical preview of Docker+Wasm
Telepresence for Docker announcement

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  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (02:56) - Docker version 23 release
  • (05:37) - Docker's Hub Announcement and Retraction
  • (07:40) - What does telepresence mean with Docker
  • (10:18) - Should I switch to Kubernetes for development?
  • (12:35) - Telepresence elevator pitch
  • (20:30) - Telepresence connection scenarios
  • (23:30) - How to connect with Telepresence?
  • (31:05) - Bret's Jekyll Story
  • (33:12) - What is available free in Scout?
  • (35:15) - Scout is not a point-in-time scan
  • (39:45) - James Buren's Scout Video
  • (40:03) - Anyone can make an extension
  • (42:04) - Favorite extensions
  • (43:19) - Wasm technical preview
  • (45:33) - Bret's interview with Nigel Poulton
  • (48:27) - Question
  • (52:31) - Docker 23 defaults to BuildKit
  • (53:27) - Happy Birthday Docker
  • (55:06) - Wrapping up

Creators and Guests

Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher
Cloud native DevOps Dude. Course creator, YouTuber, Podcaster. Docker Captain and CNCF Ambassador. People person who spends too much time in front of a computer.
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Matt is the Evangelist at Infra (a cool RBAC and remote access tool). He's also an Emcee for DevOps Days Seattle and a former organizer of DevOps Days Boston and Serverless Days Boston. He was the first Evangelist at Datadog. He has been using containers on Docker and Kubernetes since the projects started.
Beth Fisher
Beth Fisher
Producer of DevOps and Docker Talk podcast since 2019. Assistant producer on Bret Fisher Live show on YouTube. Business and proposal writer by trade.
Cristi Cotovan
Cristi Cotovan
Video editor and educational content producer. Descript and Camtasia coach.
Justin Cormack
Justin Cormack
CTO @Docker. Security, open source, cloud native, Noise protocol, LinuxKit, containers, unikernels, @CloudNativeFdn TOC
Michael Irwin πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ πŸ•Š
Michael Irwin πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ πŸ•Š
DevRel @Docker for work | Husband/Dad of six | Teach Docker/K8s @VT_CS | Latter-Day Saint | Opinions are my own |
Docker 2023 New Stuff
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