Dockerfiles have versions?

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I break down why Dockerfile frontends exist and how Docker's build engine "BuildKit" is giving us updated Dockerfile features.

The TL;DR of this podcast is to add this to your Dockerfiles as the first line, always and forever.

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1

It'll ensure your Dockerfile will have access to the latest v1.x features of the "Dockerfile frontend" feature of BuildKit.

My newsletter on Dockerfile frontends (including links and references)

  • (00:00) -
  • (00:36) - Understanding Docker Files
  • (00:47) - The Evolution of Docker Files
  • (01:05) - The Importance of Docker File Versions
  • (02:20) - The Impact of Dockerfile Standards
  • (03:41) - The Benefits of Using the Latest Dockerf ile Parser
  • (04:16) - The Challenges of Docker Engine Versions
  • (05:18) - The Advantages of Docker Front Ends
  • (07:56) - The Role of OCI in Dockerfiles
  • (10:18) - Exploring New Features in Docker File Front Ends
  • (15:27) - Conclusion: The Future of Docker Files

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Bret Fisher
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Beth Fisher
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Dockerfiles have versions?
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