AWS containers with Corey Quinn

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Bret and Matt are joined by Corey Quinn to talk about AWS and containers.

Corey Quinn is the Chief Cloud Economist at the Duckbill Group. You may have seen or heard some of his in-depth AWS content, including his Last Week in AWS newsletter and blog, Corey's podcast Screaming in the Cloud and the AWS Morning Brief, or his highly produced YouTube videos on the Last Week in AWS channel.

Corey runs the Duckbill Group, a company of people focused on helping clients understand and manage their cloud spend. If I had to describe Corey in a sentence, he's a quick thinking AWS expert who is one part cloud strategist, and one part sarcasm.

The inspiration for this show came from his blog series, focused on all the ways to run containers on AWS, which is to say there's a lot. Dozens of ways, in fact, which I took as a testament to how containers have won the cloud as the primary way to package and deploy software to servers. Now, the hard part for us is to figure out which method we're going to choose for running those containers.

We go on lots of tangents, but overall it was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy this episode.

Live recording of the complete show from May 4, 2023 is on YouTube (Ep. #214).

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Last Week in AWS
17 ways to run containers on AWS
17 MORE ways to run containers on AWS

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  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (07:19) - 17 Ways to Run Containers on AWS
  • (09:57) - If you're using the cloud, use the cloud!
  • (13:32) - Data loss and it's only on the internet forever
  • (17:58) - Recommended ways to run containers on AWS
  • (22:49) - Biggest burn on people's AWS bills
  • (29:33) - Docker Desktop on top of AWS EC2 in Windows and do you need bare metal?
  • (30:13) - Bare metal required for Hyper-V
  • (32:39) - AWS App Runner
  • (40:26) - Services AWS has dropped
  • (41:39) - Workloads inside the container; where the container should run
  • (44:13) - Building experience...hands-on projects vs getting certifications
  • (55:31) - Migrating. Leaving Kubernetes.
  • (01:00:57) - Chat GPT Star Wars jokes

Creators and Guests

Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher
Cloud native DevOps Dude. Course creator, YouTuber, Podcaster. Docker Captain and CNCF Ambassador. People person who spends too much time in front of a computer.
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Matt is the Evangelist at Infra (a cool RBAC and remote access tool). He's also an Emcee for DevOps Days Seattle and a former organizer of DevOps Days Boston and Serverless Days Boston. He was the first Evangelist at Datadog. He has been using containers on Docker and Kubernetes since the projects started.
Beth Fisher
Beth Fisher
Producer of DevOps and Docker Talk podcast since 2019. Assistant producer on Bret Fisher Live show on YouTube. Business and proposal writer by trade.
Corey Quinn
Corey Quinn
Chief Cloud Economist at @DuckbillGroup. Father to @QuinnyPiglet & @theMunchQuinn. he/him Get my snarky take on AWS news:
Cristi Cotovan
Cristi Cotovan
Video editor and educational content producer. Descript and Camtasia coach.
AWS containers with Corey Quinn
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