Registry is getting an upgrade: Inside OCI artifacts

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The OCI specifications for registry and image are getting a minor version number update to 1.1 soon, and this could be a big deal for anyone storing artifacts other than images somewhere in their infrastructure. This episode digs into the problem with artifacts today, and how the OCI and CNCF are planning to fix it with the "one registry to serve them all (artifacts)" in 2023/2024.

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OCI image and runtime specifications
Helms's new OCI artifact support
Brandon Mitchell's recent OCI Distribution 1.1 RC talk on how registries relate data objects today
Here are the Helm docs on how to use your existing registries to store charts
ORAS project
Great talk on ORAS
OCI has a great, short post summarizing technical changes in OCI Image 1.1 and Distribution 1.1 specifications.
My original newsletter with more links and screenshots, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  • (00:00) -
  • (00:43) - Introduction to Docker and OCI Registries
  • (03:08) - The Challenges of Artifact Storage in Enterprises
  • (03:52) - The Role of Artifactory and Other Commercial Solutions
  • (04:15) - The Problem with Artifact-Specific Storage Systems
  • (04:31) - The Need for a Single Artifact Storage Standard
  • (05:56) - The Future of OCI or Docker Registry
  • (06:07) - The OCI Registry and its Main Data Objects
  • (06:36) - The Use of Registries to Store Non-Container Image Data
  • (07:42) - The Evolution of Container Registries
  • (13:20) - The Vision of the OCI and CNCF Teams
  • (14:11) - How to Use OCI Artifacts Today
  • (15:39) - The Two Types of Artifacts and How to Use Them
  • (17:13) - The Use of OCI Artifacts in Various Tools
  • (19:42) - Conclusion: The Future of Artifact Storage

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Registry is getting an upgrade: Inside OCI artifacts
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