Nirmal Mehta

Nirmal Mehta

Principal Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Appears in 7 Episodes

OpenSauced with Brian Douglas

In this episode, Bret and Nirmal talk with Brian Douglas of OpenSauced. Brian Douglas, of GitHub fame, has founded OpenSauced, a cool web app and community of open sou...

Istio Ambient Mesh and

Bret and Nirmal welcome Idit Levine, Founder/CEO Idit focuses on Service Mesh, API-GW and Multi-Cloud networking, and security.Idit has been involved in the C...

Best of DevOps 2022

Bret is joined by Nirmal Mehta of AWS and engineering consultant Laura Tacho, for the annual Best of DevOps.

Kubernetes Autoscaling with Karpenter

Bret is joined by Nirmal Mehta, a Principal Specialist Solution Architect at AWS, and a Docker Captain, to discuss Karpenter, an autoscaling solution that simplifies K...

GitHub CoPilot for DevOps? with Nirmal Mehta

I was given early access to GitHub Copilot and used it intensely for a week in my DevOps tasks before this show.

Learning Kubernetes Ingress with Nirmal Mehta

I chat with Docker Captain Nirmal Mehta of Booz Allen Hamilton about Kubernetes Ingress controllers and resources.

Pre DockerCon with Nirmal Mehta and Michael Irwin

In this episode, I have guests Nirmal Mehta, a Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Michael Irwin, an Application Architect at Virginia Tech University.

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