Best of DevOps 2022

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Bret is joined by Nirmal Mehta of AWS and engineering consultant Laura Tacho, for the annual Best of DevOps.
Bret is joined by Nirmal Mehta of AWS and engineering consultant Laura Tacho, for the annual Best of DevOps.

We've started this trend of going through the year's best (and worst) of DevOps every December, everyone brings their topics, we mix them all up and try to get through all of it. This year, we came pretty close.

We cover many topics in this year's episode, things like desktop GUIs for containers, the return of real-life conferences, Docker reaching a significant milestone, AI, ML, data platforms and much, much more.

Streamed live on YouTube on December 8, 2022. Includes demos.

Unedited live recording of this show on YouTube (Ep #194)

Full doc of topics (more than we could cover)
Year of Desktop GUI’s for Container Dev and Cloud Native Mgmt
Docker Extensions List
Rancher Desktop
Podman Desktop
Lens commercial
k9s website
Kui website

DevOps Survey Trends
OpenTelemetry Articles
- Transforming IT Departments
- Properly Explained and Demoed
- Getting Started

Karpenter website
eBPF and Profiling
- Pixie
- Parca

★Laura Tacho★
Laura's website
Laura's Course
Laura on Twitter

★Nirmal Mehta★
Nirmal on Linkedin
Nirmal on Mastodon
Nirmal on Twitter

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  • (00:00) - DDT MAIN
  • (00:04) - Template intro
  • (00:53) - Custom intro
  • (04:25) - Main show
  • (04:45) - Introducing the guests
  • (05:20) - In today's episode
  • (05:52) - The year of desktop GUIs
  • (12:14) - In real life conferences
  • (12:46) - Boom and Bust
  • (13:30) - Will Jenkins go away?
  • (14:39) - GitHub Actions
  • (16:14) - Laura's Rubber-band Theory
  • (19:09) - Revenue and Docker's comeback
  • (21:02) - Other trends
  • (21:11) - DORA report
  • (22:21) - Increased security requirements
  • (24:31) - Jumping on the security bandwagon
  • (25:43) - Security by default
  • (27:04) - Rapid fire Kubernetes happenings
  • (28:06) - Bret's Maven Course
  • (28:15) - Laura's teaching
  • (29:04) - WASM+ Docker
  • (29:38) -
  • (30:29) - Open telemetry
  • (35:37) - Carpenter
  • (37:04) - Lack of staff
  • (37:50) - AI
  • (40:38) - Boosting productivity
  • (44:38) - ML models developed and running in containers
  • (46:14) - Wrapping up
  • (46:40) - Outro

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Creators and Guests

Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher
Cloud native DevOps Dude. Course creator, YouTuber, Podcaster. Docker Captain and CNCF Ambassador. People person who spends too much time in front of a computer.
Nirmal Mehta
Nirmal Mehta
Principal Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Beth Fisher
Beth Fisher
Producer of DevOps and Docker Talk podcast since 2019. Assistant producer on Bret Fisher Live show on YouTube. Business and proposal writer by trade.
Cristi Cotovan
Cristi Cotovan
Video editor and educational content producer. Descript and Camtasia coach.
Laura Tacho 🌮
Laura Tacho 🌮
Helping you build a high-performing dev team. VP of Engineering & eng coach, @docker Captain, former @cloudbees @codeship Eng metrics:
Best of DevOps 2022
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