Laura Tacho 🌮

Laura Tacho 🌮

Helping you build a high-performing dev team. VP of Engineering & eng coach, @docker Captain, former @cloudbees @codeship Eng metrics:

Appears in 5 Episodes

Best of DevOps 2022

Bret is joined by Nirmal Mehta of AWS and engineering consultant Laura Tacho, for the annual Best of DevOps.

Beyond DevOps DORA Metrics

Bret is joined by Laura Tacho, an engineering leadership coach, to discuss measuring your team's performance with DevOps metrics (DORA) and the new SPACE framework.

Best of DevOps from 2021

Docker Captain and Engineering Consultant Laura Tacho joins Bret and they go through all their favorite topics and tech things of 2021.

The People Side of DevOps With Laura Tacho

In this episode, I traveled to Vienna, Austria, and hung out with my friend Laura Tacho, and we talked about the human side of DevOps.

Pre DockerCon with Laura Tacho and Marcos Lilljedahl

In this episode, I chat with Laura Tacho from CloudBees and Marcos Lilljedahl from iúnigo, both Docker Captains and developers.

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