Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices

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Bret is joined by Rosemary Wang, a developer advocate at HashiCorp, to discuss her book: Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices.
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Bret is joined by Rosemary Wang, a developer advocate at Hashi Corp. She recently finished a Manning book, titled Infrastructure as Code: Patterns and Practices. They discuss how infrastructure as code fits into DevOps and Gitops, and how you can get started with IaC and run over some important patterns, such as controlling versioning, IaC testing and managing costs.

Rosemary worked at ThoughtWorks previously, and it was interesting to hear her experiences on learning from senior engineering, and how pairing and other types of mentorship can help. Streamed live on YouTube on April 28, 2022.

Unedited live recording of this show on YouTube (Ep #168).

Infrastructure as Code: Patterns and Practices, with examples in Python and Terraform

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  • (00:00) - DDT MAIN
  • (00:40) - Intro
  • (01:30) - Custom intro
  • (02:30) - Main show
  • (02:37) - Introductions
  • (03:26) - The Book
  • (04:43) - Rosemary's background and how the book came about
  • (06:23) - Mentors and Learning
  • (07:45) - Where did the book idea come from?
  • (09:04) - Virtual conferences
  • (10:12) - Upcoming talks?
  • (10:44) - GitOps is a key topic on this show
  • (11:31) - How Rosemary ended up in IaC
  • (12:04) - Everything should be automated
  • (12:59) - How is GitOps introduced in the book?
  • (15:15) - Find an infrastructure provider with a good API
  • (16:06) - Find one tool
  • (16:50) - Ideas last longer than code
  • (17:26) - Do I need to know how to code?
  • (18:28) - Elevator pitch on patterns in the book
  • (20:08) - Testing is opinionated
  • (20:25) - Security and compliance
  • (20:52) - Costs of infrastructure
  • (21:36) - Do it the hard way first
  • (22:11) - Team norming
  • (23:31) - Invest in courses
  • (25:14) - Keep information close to the code
  • (28:32) - Automatic documentation in Terraform
  • (29:12) - GitHub Copilot for documentation
  • (30:32) - Question
  • (34:38) - Tech toil vs Automation
  • (37:08) - Recreate, not restore
  • (39:23) - Question: Terraform Cloud vs Terraform
  • (42:38) - When and where to get the book?
  • (43:46) - Bookstores
  • (44:26) - CCNA tip
  • (47:41) - Winding down
  • (48:25) - Outro

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Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices
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