Everything Docker and Windows

In this episode, I talk with Elton Stoneman, an Architect at Docker. We talk about Everything Docker and Windows, covering topics like WSL, Windows containers, Docker on Windows Server, and more. And as a reminder, this podcast is listener supported by those of you that buy my Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes courses. If you're already one of my 120,000 students, I thank you so much for your support. Just last week we launched Kubernetes Mastery, which lets you dive into hands-on with the leading container orchestrator. I built this new course with my friend Jérôme Petazzoni, who's been teaching Kubernetes and Docker longer than almost anyone. You can get coupons for those courses at bretfisher.com. We're launching more videos monthly, which you can get notified of on my newsletter, which is also at bretfisher.com

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