Docker Extensions: Using and Building Them

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Bret is joined by Guillaume Tardif and Felipe Cruz of Docker Inc. for a deep dive into Docker extensions.
Bret is joined by Guillaume Tardif and Felipe Cruz of Docker Inc. for a deep dive into Docker extensions.

Docker Extensions are a favorite new feature. Guillaume and Felipe are both engineers at Docker and they walk us through how extensions came about, how to install them, and how to submit them to the marketplace.

By the time Docker released extensions at DockerCon in May 2022, there were already a dozen solid extensions, including a disk manager, log explorer, and other third-party tools like Portainer, Snyk, and Anchor. Docker extensions will be most helpful to people who use Docker Desktop.

Streamed live on YouTube on June 16, 2022.

Unedited live recording of this show on YouTube (Ep #174). Includes demos.

Docker Extensions homepage
Docker Extensions announcement at DockerCon 2022
Build your first Docker Extension
Submit your extension for the Marketplace
Vackup, an example custom extension
Extension SDK
Other Extension resources

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  • (00:00) - DDT MAIN
  • (00:04) - Template intro
  • (00:52) - Bret custom intro
  • (03:35) - Main show
  • (03:37) - Main show
  • (03:58) - Felipe intro
  • (04:30) - Guillaume intro
  • (05:32) - Today's topic
  • (06:21) - What are Docker extensions?
  • (08:47) - Question: Are extensions running in their own container?
  • (10:24) - Question: Extensions are in Docker Desktop only?
  • (11:00) - Where it is on the interface
  • (11:27) - Submitting your own extensions to the marketplace
  • (12:45) - Easy to install the extensions
  • (13:16) - A couple extension examples
  • (15:03) - Question: Extension versions and updates
  • (15:34) - Question: Extensions dependent on Docker Desktop version?
  • (16:38) - Sideloading extensions that are not in the marketplace
  • (17:11) - Question: RAM and CPU usage
  • (17:32) - Demos described
  • (18:12) - Demo intro
  • (18:38) - Demo
  • (18:42) - Quick note about Portainer
  • (19:16) - You don't have to remember commands
  • (20:19) - Don't install all extensions at once
  • (20:34) - Do extensions pause with Docker?
  • (21:33) - Very little to learn
  • (22:08) - Bret's backup tool extension isn't done
  • (23:19) - Synchronising extensions across installations
  • (23:55) - Docker roadmap and ideas
  • (24:48) - Question: Security, where is the UI code running?
  • (28:19) - Question: Multi-node Kubernetes clusters
  • (30:26) - Question: Are all extensions open source?
  • (32:01) - Expanding the SDK
  • (32:43) - Bret's drop-down Kubernetes request
  • (33:19) - Extension submission
  • (34:06) - Wrapping up
  • (35:15) - Outro

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Bret Fisher
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Beth Fisher
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Cristi Cotovan
Cristi Cotovan
Video editor and educational content producer. Descript and Camtasia coach.
Docker Extensions: Using and Building Them
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