Docker Compose v2 Rocks

Docker announced Compose v2 at DockerCon 2021. Bret goes through all the new stuff you didn't know about. If you're a fan of compose (his fav docker tool), this podcast reviews what docker's done over the last two years to make it so much better! This is another episode pulled from the archive that's still quite relevant. Streamed live on YouTube Jun 10, 2021, Ep 126.

  • Compose V2 is a Docker Plug-in (written in Go)
  • Compose Spec (no more yaml versions)
  • Service Profiles
  • Compose ls (list all running compose projects)
  • BuildKit by default
  • Compose cp (copy files in/out)
  • Compose convert
  • Compose up to ACI and ECS
  • Compose up to Kubernetes
  • Compose command aliases


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