Cilium and eBPF with Liz Rice

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Bret is joined by Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer at Isovalent, the makers of Cilium, to discuss Cilium and eBPF. Cilium is a multi-purpose networking, security, and observability tool for Kubernetes and more.
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Bret is joined by Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer at Isovalent, the makers of Cilium, to discuss Cilium and eBPF.

Liz Rice is back to give us more insight into eBPF and the Cilium project. Isovalent is the company that created and manages the Cilium Project, which does an increasing number of things for Kubernetes, including networking, CNI support, security, advanced networking stuff, and observability, as well as other things like load balancing. Liz is one of my go-to experts on how low-level Linux internals work. She's been speaking about container internals since the early days of Docker.

Streamed live on YouTube on September 8, 2022.

Unedited live recording of this show on YouTube (Ep #183)

Cilium website
Isovalent website
Network Policy Editor

Liz Rice★
Liz Rice on Twitter
Liz Rice's website
Books on Containers, eBPF, Kubernetes and Go

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  • (00:00) - DDT MAIN
  • (00:41) - Intro
  • (01:30) - Bret intro
  • (02:18) - Main interview
  • (02:21) - The merch store
  • (03:16) - More merch talk
  • (04:56) - Introductions
  • (05:53) - What else Liz does
  • (06:03) - Liz's books
  • (06:59) - Brief history of EBPF
  • (08:18) - Kernel modules before EBPF
  • (09:23) - EBPF vs Kernel Modules
  • (10:34) - EBFP is dynamically loaded
  • (12:00) - Performance and Data Transfer
  • (13:12) - Isovalent and Cilium
  • (14:49) - How Cilium started
  • (16:55) - Specific versions of the kernel?
  • (18:09) - Where do we use EBPF in Kubernetes?
  • (18:49) - CNI
  • (20:39) - Question: Where can you start learning EBPF?
  • (23:41) - Question
  • (30:59) - All open source?
  • (31:45) - Question Cilium as a service mesh
  • (33:09) - Enabling certain features
  • (34:16) - Question
  • (34:48) - Question
  • (35:57) - Question
  • (37:58) - Wrapping up Cilium in cloud
  • (38:59) - Offloading programs XDP
  • (40:53) - Question about GUI
  • (43:18) - Question
  • (50:06) - Question
  • (52:47) - EBPF on Windows?
  • (53:50) - How is it implemented?
  • (54:39) - Wrapping up

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Cilium and eBPF with Liz Rice
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