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Bret is joined by Ravi Lachhman, Field CTO at Shipa, to discuss the basics of Shipa application and policy management.
Bret is joined by Ravi Lachhman, Field CTO at Shipa, to discuss the basics of Shipa application and policy management, and show off the developer experience that Shipa brings to apps running on IaC and GitOps tools like ArgoCD,  Crossplane, Terraform, Kubernetes, and more.

Shipa is focused on the layer above the infrastructure where application developers can avoid other Kubernetes manifest tools like Helm or Kustomize, and create a cleaner contract between what their application needs are and how the infrastructure provides them.

If you've done Kubernetes YAML long enough, you know that it can get quite complex and verbose, and it requires both infrastructure and developer roles or knowledge to fully configure it. So you kind of got to know both worlds. But Shipa wants to fit in the middle somewhere, not replacing the infrastructure tools like Terraform or Crossplane, but rather working on top of them, providing an easier way to describe your apps from a dev's point of view and how they work on top of your infrastructure. It focuses on the application requirements, not necessarily how those requirements are implemented. Streamed live on YouTube on April 14, 2022.

Unedited live recording of this show on YouTube (Ep #166). Includes demos.

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Applications-as-Code with Shipa
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