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Getting Started With Raspberry Pi Development in Docker

A viewer asks how they can prototype their software in Docker with a Raspberry Pi. I explain the various parts of the workflow including ARM 64 vs. x64 CPU architectures, the benefits of QEMU emulation in Docker Desktop, and how to get Docker images from your local machine to the Pi.

Elasticsearch Local Development Shows Yellow Health Status

A viewer asks why their Elasticsearch server on their local development setup with Docker Compose would give them a yellow health status. I talk about the common causes for this in my own experience with shard replication.

Docker Network IP Subnet Conflicts with Outside Networks

A viewer asks about how their local docker container IP's, if behind NAT, can have issues with outside subnets at their company. I explain some of the ways even NAT won't solve IP routing for containers and how you can change your settings to different private subnets.

Docker Swarm Service Fails Deployment When Image Prunes

Someone asks about image pruning while a Swarm service is in the middle of deployment, and how they've experienced failed containers. I reply with the details of what's going on in specific steps of a Service creation and deployment, and how the prune command could interfere.

Updating Swarm Configs and Secrets Without Downtime

I answer questions about updating your app secrets and configs in Docker Swarm without downtime

Apache In Containers And Multiple Virtual Host Websites

I answer questions about designing Apache web servers for multiple Websites in containers

Container Non-root Users, SUDO, GOSU, and File Permissions

I answer a question about using sudo in containers and file permissions when using non-root users.

Alpine Linux As A Base Image, Is It Really Secure?

Alpine Linux container images are often regarded as the "best for production, security, and image size", but I debate this based on several trends and current limitations.

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