Docker Hub "Oops!"

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On the 14th of March, 2023, about 2% of Docker accounts received an email that our Docker Hub organizations were no longer eligible for the Free Plan, and that after April 14th, 2023, those orgs and all their repositories and images would be unavailable. That is, unless we upgraded to a paid plan for each organization, which would be a minimum of $300/year. To a lot of us in the open-source community, this was alarming.

Much of that communication was misleading, but the good news is Docker released a better FAQ. Because it took 48 hours to release it, many people were (and still are) confused about if they are affected but, now, the FAQ is available.

This podcast is a quick attempt at distilling all that down into the essentials, the gist of what you need to care about. If I'm incorrect on anything here, I will either edit this podcast or just add the update/change to the show notes so you'll see any edits in your podcast player. But if it's a big change, I will probably edit this podcast. So the theory is that if you're listening to this weeks, days, months later, this podcast actually should have the most up-to-date information.

So let's dig in.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:54) - The initial email and fallout
  • (04:39) - What Docker images does this actually affect?
  • (08:15) - Can someone squat the name of deleted orgs? No.
  • (08:42) - Will my downstream images built from deleted orgs still be usable? Yes.
  • (10:24) - Options for owners of Hub organizations on the free plan
  • (11:49) - Options for users (consumers)of Hub images that were on the Org free plan
  • (12:41) - Going forward

Topic Links
Docker's blog post and FAQ on the Docker Hub org changes
My Twitter thread of essential details as the come available

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Docker Hub "Oops!"
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